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Why I Support the IVRM

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May 2018
Why I Support the IVRM
By MVC Admin: Lynda Barry
Posted on 5/15/2018 10:05 AM
Why I support the IVRM 
by Jake Vorderbruggen (Creator & Owner of Jabako e-liquid)
I started Vaping when it was not yet popular and quit cigarettes the day I bought my first vape. I remember some miserable times as a smoker. Choking down cigs in the cold, scavenging butts from ashtrays, hacking up green, black and brown stuff into the shower drain every morning, and constantly trying to conceal or wash away the smoke stench were all a way of life. Only a month after beginning to vape I found my health, appearance and finances all improving immediately. Since then, my mission is to help smokers find freedom from the crippling grip tobacco can have on them.

I’ve watched this industry grow and evolve over the years. Regulation is inevitable and, in some cases, a great way to keep vaping safe. In other instances, the lawmakers simply don’t understand the struggle many smokers go through, how proposed laws can hurt those who are trying to make a healthier choice, or small businesses with good intentions to help people quit smoking. Based on hearsay or the very negative image the media paints, the non-smoker/uninformed-smoker often times believe many things that are just not true.

When new laws started to affect peoples’ ability to make the switch, I became concerned. Thankfully, from taxes to bans, I’ve watched the IVRM win several battles. Under the wing of Smokeless’s membership, I’ve always been somewhat involved and informed about the IVRM. Now that I’ve had some success with my own company (Jabako e-liquid), I am pleased to be able to make financial contributions, in addition to the support I’ve shown with my time and effort over the years, because the IVRM’s public education efforts and legislative involvement are extremely important to our industry. 

But the IVRM is in a rough patch as far as paying for the resources we need to keep fighting for Minnesota’s vapers. We need to keep lobbying to fight anti-vaping legislation. We need to continue our efforts in educating our lawmakers, neighbors, smokers, and fellow vapers about the truth of the matter. Vaping saves lives, improves lives, and can have a great positive effect on public health. I support the IVRM with my time and my money, and I hope you will too. This is a long battle we have to fight, and we need all the support we can get.